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Effluent Treatment Plants

Enzotech offers solutions for various kinds of industrial waste water and effluent treatment requirements. The industrial wastewater treatment solutions treat contaminated water or other effluents primarily for reuse in the system or for release into the environment in an environmentally acceptable form.

Enzotech offers recovery and reuse of process water using innovative technological strategies based on the separation of process water from the contaminants. These advanced industrial wastewater treatment systems combine traditional off-the-shelf technologies with newer systems that allow recovery of water or final effluent, meeting the standard of quality which can then be reused or recycled back into the process.

Each ETP is custom designed based on the desired output water quality and quality of the available input water / effluent.

  • We use the expertise of our R&D team to offer a custom designed solution using a combination of aerobic, chemical and bacterial processes for treating industrial effluents.
  • We have delivered effluent treatment solutions for industries such as textiles (wool scouring), light engineering, phosphating waste, rubber processing, coolant oil, die casting, honey manufacturing and agriculture waste etc

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