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Manufacturing Facilities

We have our own manufacturing facility in Hyderabad with the following facilities

  • Capability to manufacture FRP tanks for our packaged plants.
  • Fabrication of skids and other mechanical parts
  • Electrical Control Panels
  • Ultra Filtration units
  • Launders, Bio Balls etc.

Treatment Capability (STP'S)

Typically we can deliver the following :

Raw Water Source
Sewage Water, Kitchen / Canteen Wash Water, Laundry Water
Quality of Raw Effluent COD < 1000 SS < 300 BOD < 500 pH - 4 to 9
Treated Water standard achieved by the process COD < 200 SS < 30 BOD < 20 pH - 7.5 to 8
Treated Water after additional Tertiary Treatment COD < 50 SS < 10 BOD < 10 pH - 7.5 to 8


The treated water could be used for gardening, landscaping, facilities washing and other miscellaneous purposes. We also provide additional tertiary treatment to make the water suitable for flushing, HVAC and cooling tower make up water, construction purposes, boiler and firefighting make up water and make up water for industry etc.

We provide softening, demineralising, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis and other solutions depending on clients’ actual requirements for water of better quality. On an average, the operational cost of our plants comes to less than 2 paise per litre of water processed. Our solutions are an extremely cost effective method for managing water resources and waste disposal. In addition this gives you an opportunity to go green and protect the environment and natural resources of our country.

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