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ENZOTECH – Packaged Plants

At Enzotech, we offer you a reliable method to recycle water through our superior, pre-fabricated packaged waste water treatment plants. These plants have the capacity to completely treat waste water and make it suitable for various activities like Landscape maintenance, Floor Washing, Gardening, NC Cooling Tower and Toilet Flushing applications. Enzotech STPs lend a helping hand in reducing the load on natural water resources.

The plants are designed by a team of engineers and scientists who've specialized in waste water management. Through a detailed evaluation and understanding of various problems faced by current efforts to treat waste water, Enzotech has come up with solutions that are reliable, cost effective and customized for recycling water.

The process takes into account various parameters such as technology, space, cost and power consumption, and delivers an optimal solution.

Key features of Enzotech Plants

  • Superior & Effective Treatment of sewage
  • Minimizing space requirements
  • Minimum sludge generation
  • No stench
  • Low power consumption
  • Low cost of operation
  • Minimum civil work
  • Compact design – Less space requirement
  • Very little operation noise
  • Quick & easy installation
  • Low maintenance

Enzotech’s Product Range

Modified RBC Range

Input - Output Data

Raw Water Source
Sewage water, bath water, kitchen/canteen wash water and laundry water
Quality of Raw Effluent COD < 2000 SS < 800 BOD < 800 pH - 4 to 9
Treated water standard achieved by the process COD < 200 SS < 30 BOD < 20 pH - 7.5 to 8

Technical Data

Parameters Model ET - 10 / 15 Model ET - 25 Model ET - 50
Treatment capacity (m3 / day) > 5KLD to 15KLD > 15KLD to 30KLD > 30KLD to 50KLD
Avg. flow rate (m3/hr) 0.42 1.0 2.0
Floor area for installation 4m x 3m 5m x 3m 6m x 4m
Volume of raw water collection sump 5m3 10m3 35m3
Volume of treated water collection sump 5m3 10m3 25m3
Power consumption 1.75 H.P 2.5 H.P 3.0 H.P
Parameters Model ET - 75 Model ET - 100 Model ET - 150
Treatment capacity (m3 / day) > 50 KLD to 80 KLD > 80 KLD to 125 KLD > 125 KLD to 150 KLD
Avg. flow rate (m3/hr) 3.0 4.2 6.25
Floor area for installation 7m x 4m 10m x 5m 10m x 7m
Volume of raw water collection sump 35m3 50m3 75m3
Volume of treated water collection sump 35m3 50m3 75m3
Power consumption 3.75 H.P 6.0 H.P 7.0 H.P

Typical Plant Layout

Unique Features


Advanced MBBR

Input - Output Data

Raw Water Source
Sewage water, bath water, kitchen/canteen wash water and laundry water
Quality of Raw Effluent COD < 1000 SS < 800 BOD < 600 pH - 4 to 9
Treated water standard achieved by the process COD < 200 SS < 30 BOD < 20 pH - 7.5 to 8

Enzotech – Advanced MBBR Sewage Treatment Process:

Technology- Advanced Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (Modified MBBR)


Process Description

Treatment Process involved

Bar Screen:

Bar screen is provided to remove the incoming floating solids in the wastewater.

Oil Trap

Oil trap is provided to remove the floating oil from the incoming sewage generated.

Equalization Tank

Equalization tank is provided to collect generated sewage from the source. It is provided to avoid shock loading of sewage to the treatment system due to sudden flow into the aeration tank. Coarse bubble aeration is provided for mixing of sewage in the equalization tank.

MBBR Aeration Tank:

Aeration tank is provided with submerged media and floating media in the tank. Media provides surface area for the attachment of the bacteria. Diffused fine bubble aeration is provided for the transfer of dissolved oxygen for bio chemical oxidation.

Secondary Clarifier:

Secondary clarifier is provided with parallel plates to remove the left out suspended solids present in the secondary treated sewage. Macro-organisms i.e., rotifers and nematodes etc remove floating bacterial debris and fine organic flocs and clean the water very efficiently. This is also an ecologically balanced system and reduces the load on sand and carbon filter considerably.

Intermediate Tank

Intermediate Tank is provided to feed the filter by centrifugal pump. Sodium Hypo Chlorite is dosed as disinfectant for effective disinfection. Extra dosing tank will be provided for treatment of faecal coliform.


Pressure sand filter (PSF) and Activated carbon filter (ACF) is provided to remove the micro suspended solids and dissolved organics present in the secondary treated sewage. After filtration water could be used for Gardening purposes.

Treated water tank

The filtered water from filtration finally enters into the treated water tank. The treated water can be used for gardening, Landscaping or can be let in to river.

Sludge Bed

Sludge drying bed is provided with three compartments to dry generated sludge from the secondary clarifier. Periodical sludge drying is done in the sludge drying bed.

Dried Sludge Disposal

Dried sludge generated from the sludge bed can be used as manure.

Advantages of the Advanced MBBR process:

  • Require 40 to 60% less space than a conventional STP.
  • Minimal chemicals requirement, primarily for initial pH adjustment by lime or Caustic and in the final stage, Disinfection Chemical.
  • Low operation and maintenance cost.
  • Easy installation and easy retrofitting in existing conventional treatment plant. This process not only substantially enhances the capacity of the STP, but also improves the efficiency and thereby the output water quality.
  • Low sludge generation.
  • Flow variation will not affect efficiency of treatment by the STP. The FASTBR plant has considerable buffer capacity.
  • Power consumption is less than conventional treatment plant
  • FASTBR process can be installed successfully in rectangular RCC tank construction structures for large scale sewage plants i.e., in the range of 1MLD and above too. Through FASTBR, the area (foot print) required by these bigger plants is reduced considerably.
  • Moreover this technology can be installed in existing treatment plants (Retrofitting) to improve their performance and the capacity they can handle.

Customer Support

The Enzotech Systems are backed by a dedicated scientific team and excellent in-house R&D facilities. Enzotech has testing facilities for both waste water & treated water.

Enzotech offers expertise to customers in site selection and preparation of raw water/treated water collection facilities and the monitoring team keeps a periodic check on all operating plants and advises users on maintenance techniques.

Enzotech offers Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Support, Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC),Chemical & Spares Supply & Breakdown Services to keep all Enzotech plants functioning smoothly 24 x 7.

To reach Enzotech Customer Support Services, contact at
+91 96000 89156 or email at [email protected]

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