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Water Treatment Plants

Water treatment is a process that makes water more acceptable for a desired end-use. These can include use as drinking water, Cooling Towers, industrial processes, medical and many other uses.

Enzotech offers solutions for water softening, demineralisation and also Reverse Osmosis requirements.

  • We offer water treatment plants and demineralization (DM) plants for raw water collected from both underground and surface water sources.
  • Our water treatment plants come with a customized design and advanced functionality with a capacity from 10KLD to 1.5 MLD. Our DM plants possess energy efficient systems and are offered with capacity of 0.5 to 40 m3/hr.
  • We have installed WTP for reputed builders such as Adroit Urban, Hiranandani Builders and ASV Constructions in Chennai.
  • We have also supplied, installed and commissioned a DM plant for Tata Motors.

Water Recycling

Increasing water consumption is putting a strain on water resources. On the one hand, activities such as frequent showering, use of dishwashers and washing machines, combined with activities such as leaving a tap running, increased and unnecessary use of sprinklers or hosepipes, result in good water going waste. On the other hand, the indiscriminate disposal of waste into water bodies, rivers and streams is polluting them and thereby affecting the very sources of good water itself. Even the ground water is many areas is affected thru these poor waste disposal practices. Hence, both waste disposal and recycling of water are necessary to ensure sustainable availability of water.

Enzotech addresses this by doing what it takes to generate 'good water'. Enzotech’s water treatment plants have the capability to treat water effectively such that it becomes suitable for reuse in a host of applications.

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